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Dimiter Kirov at Sofia City Art Gallery

Dimiter Kirov at Sofia City Art Gallery

For his 70th jubilee, on May 10 the artist presented at the Sofia City Art Gallery selected works created between 1953 and 2003. Dimiter Kirov – DiKiro was born in Istanbul but today he lives and works in Plovdiv. His two favorite cities and Paris, of course, are present in some of his best canvasses.

Graduated in monumental painting under Prof. Georgi Bogdanov, DiKiro’s first steps in painting are associated with the artists from “the Plovdiv school of the 1960s” – Georgi Bozhilov, Encho Pironkov, Yoan Leviev, etc. This is a time of brilliant and controversial new pursuits in the Bulgarian visual arts.

Figurativeness and abstraction complement each other in Dimiter Kirov’s art. We can see this in all his works through the years, which could be thematically divided into several cycles. Quite impressive are the burned icons, music and ballet, layers – historic and cultural, bright eminent personalities.

Source: Bulgarian Diplomatic Review